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Media Platforms

We can get your brand to Iberia passengers at each moment of their trip.

Thanks to the combination of digital assets, magazines and experiential actions, your brand will be part of all stages of the client’s journey.

Pre travel 6.5M visits a month

It reaches Iberia passengers while they are preparing their future trips. We offer a high number of impressions on’s different pages and ROS campaigns are optimised daily on the pages with the most impressions. offers a focused audience with consistently high CTR significantly above the industry average. Dependent on the campaign, CTR’s vary between 0.05% – 0.35% or even higher.

At the airport

Premium Lounges receive more than 70,000 visitors a month

Advertising in Iberia’s premium lounges allows you to reach one of the most qualitative audiences in an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere. There are two in Madrid Barajas airport: Velázquez Premium Lounge, with 27,000 visitors a month arriving on international flights; and Dalí Premium Lounge, for short - and medium - haul flights, with 44,000 visitors a month. Users of these lounges are passengers flying First Class or Business Class on any of the airlines that are part of the oneworld alliance, holders of the Iberia Plus Gold and Platinum cards. Contact us to explore the advertising possibilities available.

On board

Ronda Iberia magazine 1.9M passengers per month

Ronda – the magazine distributed in all cabin classes on both Iberia and Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum planes – allows you to reach the entire audience of Iberia without exceptions. You can also find it in VIP rooms throughout Iberia’s network of connections. The magazine seeks to appeal to the adventurous instinct of Iberia customers. It expresses the airline’s values, such as its vision of sustainable tourism, and invites customers to choose alternative routes and admire unexplored places.

If you would like to see the latest issue please click here.

óN magazine 156,000 passengers per month

óN is a magazine specialized in areas of particular relevance for Iberia, aimed at generating debate and providing inspiration to customers through prestigious personalities. Through óN, Iberia’s authorized voice expresses the company’s vision in the current topics and its influence far beyond aviation. In addition to being distributed in the Business cabins of Iberia and Iberia Express, the publication can be found in the VIP lounges of more than 50 airports around the world, tourism-related events such as FITUR and those activities where the airline participates, in markets such as arts, culture, design, fashion or sports. On the first day of each quarter, all passengers flying with the company from Madrid, in all classes, will receive a copy of óN.

If you would like to see the latest issue please click here.

Ronda China and Ronda Japan magazines 16,000 copies per edition

These publications will allow you to communicate with the passenger travelling on the routes that connect with China and Japan. Ronda China, which is translated into Mandarin Chinese, is available on all flights to and from Shanghai. Ronda Japan is translated into Japanese and found on all Iberia flights to and from Tokyo.

If you would like to see the latest issue of Ronda China please click here.

If you would like to see the latest issue of Ronda Japan please click here.

Ambient campaigns, more than 900,000 impacts per month

Getting the passenger to interact with your brand is possible thanks to the experiential actions with Iberia, from distributing a product sample on board to handing out your catalogue or brochure.

Ties are another option, which allows you to place a message at the passengers’ eye level using the front seat pocket.

On Board TV, in almost 40 planes

There are three content types: first releases, classic films and TV series. You can select one or several categories, so that any content in the category that the passenger selects will be preceded by a 30- to 60-second advert.

Post travel

Iberia Plus magazine 1.5 million subscribers

This digital lifestyle and travel magazine offers customised editorial content, as well as links to Iberia offers and tips to maximise and redeem Avios. As an advertising platform, the Iberia Plus magazine offers different possibilities, from banners on the home page or in the email to advertorials with the option to include videos. 

The Iberia Plus magazine is available in English and in Spanish.

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